Join Christina Guidotti and other amazing women who want to live extraordinary lives at these transformational events. Learn and be inspired by those who know what it takes to reach greater achievement and fulfilment and enjoy their best health, wealth and relationships. Christina is masterful in the areas of success, belief, conviction and commitment. With 25-years proven track record, having walked an extraordinarily successful path as a mum and business leader, she has extensive sales, leadership, productivity, mindset and no excuse culture expertise – all a powerful catalyst for change.

Christina is the CEO of Christina Guidotti International, founder of Leading Women Programs, partner at Thought Leaders Global, keynote speaker and a prolific author. She has proven methods, knowing what it takes to be successful as a woman in business.

Combining inspiration with practical solutions, shifting mindset and attitudes with high energy, humour, authenticity and world class thought leadership, Christina has a mastery of execution and a genuine passion for nurturing potential. Her mission is to energise others to take personal responsibility and help them to build a team of support as the pathway to extraordinary success.

The event has become one of the most powerful growth days for women in Australia.

Leading Women Event – Sydney 2018

This event is for women who are looking to:

  • Create their success masterpiece and turn dreams into reality
  • Reduce stress and overwhelm and become super-productive
  • Have commercial conversations that lead to financial freedom
  • Finally master the art of looking after themselves – and guilt free
  • Get the things done that really matter and commit to finish
  • Hold the vision and have support through the peaks and valleys
  • Reach greater achievement and fulfilment

Date: Monday the 14th of May 2018
Time: 8:30am arrival for a 9:00am start and 5:00pm finish
Venue: Sofitel Sydney, 61 Phillip Street Sydney NSW 2000
Treat yourself: Ask about our special accommodation deal.

Investment: $490 per person or book a table of 8 for $3,200 which works out to be just $400 per person – a special day of learning includes 5-star morning tea, afternoon tea and lunch in the Il Baracco Restaurant.

LIMITED EARLY BIRD OFFER: Secure your tickets before the 6th of April 2018 to access a limited Early Bird offer of 50% off the general admission ticket price. $245 per person or book a table of 8 for $1,600. Contact to register now!

What people are saying about Christina:

Christina has been my trusted advisor and mentor for more than two years now. After 18 years in the industry I am completely relieved to find a woman who is the real deal – a great speaker, super motivator, PLUS genuinely committed to helping working women/mums who want a rockin’ sustainable career and fulfilled life. With Christina guiding me – I have moved from being mediocre – my income has doubled, my health and relationships have improved significantly. I now take holidays and “me” time! I am playing a much bigger and better game since meeting Christina! Thank you.
Nicole Devine – Space Property

Thank you so much for another amazing day! I absolutely loved the Leading Women Event at the Palazzo Versace! An experience full of inspiration, insight and passion! This is exactly what I needed in order to return to my business with confidence and achieve what I want. I am so much clearer on the next stage of my journey now. Can’t wait to work further with you Christina.
Melanie Price – Melanie Price Hair

I have worked with Christina Guidotti for two years now. As a business leader, having someone mentor you who has walked your path before you is invaluable. Christina taught me how to look after myself first so I can operate at peak performance. She doesn’t allow excuses or neediness. She created structure and measurement into my work life. She is the best mentor I have ever had. And in my tribe I have met some of the most fabulous businesswomen I can gladly call lifelong friends. If you are thinking of getting a mentor – Just Do It. You won’t look back!
Patti Steele – Harcourts

Working with Christina has been life changing for me, Christina is full support on my personal and career journey and the changes I have made personally and in my business will stick with me for life.  Every woman needs this support network and tools Christina provides, to ensure consistency at work and in life.  Believing in myself and having the courage to do what matters has doubled my income all whilst having a baby in the middle of it!  Focussing on what’s important and having support from Christina who is completely relatable to everything that happens in life of a woman in business are the reason I will always continue to work with Christina.
Tara Torkkola – Byron Bay First National

Christina’s event was an ideal combination of inspiration, advice, insights and aspiration. 
Amber Daines – Bespoke Communications

I have known Christina for over a decade now and she is always inspirational – but more than that, authentic, original and unique. Live a life that rocks! Thank you!
Jodi Russell – Harcourts Mudgeeraba

I found the Leading Women Annual Event to be most inspiring, positive event and what I learnt will remain with me to improve my life, my relationships with those I care most about and giving back. Failure has a new meaning for me now because I am going to be a True Believer and walk forward.
Dr Saras Henderson – Griffith University Academic

Christina – I am so grateful for the opportunity to share the day with you and the other like-minded women in attendance at your event. You are inspirational – so much of what you’ve talked of has struck a chord with me. I am excited to move forward with new clarity and make positive changes. I look forward to the event again next year, and expect to have achieved positive change by then!
Susan Smith – Brian Mark Real Estate

I am a Baby Boomer who boomed then doomed! Lost the belief, checked out, checked back in. Christina has a wisdom that is personal and warm. I now have a new value for my values! Goals have been replaced with marathon values.
Lyn Bayliss – Digital Specialist

You are absolute class all the way! Love your message, your energy and your conviction. Would love to work with you moving forward, thank you for allowing me to be a part of today.
Claire Taylor – Owner of The Beauty Spot QLD

Your absolutely amazing mind and inspirational soul has today, changed me forever. You have taught me that I need to invest in myself, just like you say “Self-first is not selfish!”. From this moment on, I will stop playing it safe and take risks as I want to live a life that rocks!
Deborah Judd – Arthur Conias Real Estate

Christina, what you’ve taught me today has given me the courage to think about what is next and re-focus on what’s important in life. I love your passion, you’re so inspiring!
Sharon Shabanz – Eloquent Weddings & Events

I thoroughly enjoyed the Leading Women Annual Event. Christina is an amazing speaker, motivator and mentor. Christina has been my mentor for over 18 months and I have learnt an incredible amount from her. She has become a very important part of my life.
Ann Kenny – The Styling Co

Wow, what a day! Fantastic from start to finish, great keynote speakers and so inspiring. You are absolutely brilliant! I am a different person and a better version of myself thanks to you!
Tracey Mathers – Tracey Mathers Pty Ltd

Uplifting, motivational, inspiring! I will be continuing the journey with Christina next year.
Christine McKay – Harcourts Solutions

It is so inspiring to be in a room filled with innovative, entrepreneurial women following their dreams and creating their own reality. Great to see and hear from a male speaker, so inspired towards women’s better wellbeing. A great opportunity to spend time not only with Christina but also with other awesome women!
Sandra Larkin – Real Estate Dynamics

I loved every minute, thank you! The consistent message I felt – value and celebrate the small successes, plan for sustainability, believe you can do anything! Don’t be invisible! It is so refreshing to be inspired by someone who has done it and is very real! Loved it all!
Heather de Fina – Harcourts QLD

Thank you for such an amazing day, it has been such an eye opener for me. So many truths have been spoken today that I may have already known deep down but needed to hear out loud – a major one for me was “to have courage and back yourself”. I know what I’ve learnt today will make such a difference for me. I treat my business more like a hobby and understand I need to make so many changes. I’m so excited for the future and growing the business!
Suzi Rose – Suzi Rose Designs

I loved hearing the uplifting stories from beautiful women. I loved learning steps to help me re-assess my goals and achieve them. I loved seeing successful women and their lovely shoes! I loved sharing my dance moves. I loved the delicious food. I loved the wonderful time with my work mates. I loved the emotions. I laughed, I cried, I sang and dancing. Thank you Christina, I loved you!
Sue Harrison – PRDnationwide

I really enjoyed the event today for several reasons. I have learnt a lot about myself but needed to hear it from someone like yourself and the other speakers today in order to really take the message.I have learnt the value of self-belief and courage and will no longer passively allow others to lead my life for me. I now know what it takes to lead a fulfilling and successful life. Thank you! PS – You gave me a different perspective on business, marketing and success and the importance of humanity within that, especially considering the importance of human relationships.
Roxanne Hindson

Christina, thank you so much for such an inspiring, motivating and incredible day! You have inspired me to work on my personal development, goals and to reach for the stars! I’ll see you at the next event!
Jess Bandiera – Verandah House

You are a rockstar, this is the fourth time I’ve heard you speak and I always take away a little piece of gold to implement. Keep being amazing, helping women ROAR. #likeagirl #loveyourwork
Nicole Kelly – PRDnationwide

Really enjoyed all the speakers and I found Christina very reliable and inspiring. I will be leaving with so many notes to go over and help me design a business that stands apart from others in the field – aligned with my values and leaving the client feeling valued.
Anna Ward – Art Therapy Gold Coast

You are an absolute inspiration. I have never been more moved by a presentation than what I have been today. Thank you.
Laura Strong – PRDnationwide

Thank you Christina, a wonderful day of storytelling, lessons and models to help shape my future. I thoroughly enjoyed the format, pace and content shared. The diversity of the speakers added great depth to the day. I look forward to attending again next year.
Andrea Misso – The Change Market

Thank you Christina for allowing us the opportunity to come together with other like minded women to share in each others stories, goals and fears. Forums to celebrate our own and each others successes and empower each other are rare in womens business, thank you for championing such an important platform.
Prue Tucker – Harcourts Green Living

An inspiration as always – a timely reminder about our need to focus on finances and health and to see that they are so closely aligned. I will focus intently on these in the next 6 months until the next event.
Jade Lee – National Recruitment Manager, Migas

Thank you for such an inspiring day. I have really enjoyed listening not only to you, but the wonderful stories of some amazing women and their journey through life! Looking forward to attending again.
Paula Ashcroft – PRD Newcastle

An entertaining and inspiring event with great breadth and practical content on how to be more effective in both life and business. Great wholistic approach for balancing personal and business life. Love Christina’s sparkly personality and enjoyed her sense of humour. Also very much enjoyed the guest speaker.
Dr Emma Butler – Principal and Clinical Child Psychologist

I’m grateful to the gorgeous Christina for her fabulous events and wonderful insights and more “come to Jesus” moments. My world is a different place with Christina in it!
Lisa Barber – Hillross

Thank you very much for your energy and passion. I found the day a good reminder that I am the most important thing in my life, because if I’m not functioning then nobody around me is. I enjoyed listening to the stories of women already doing your program. Today was a great investment for our team! PS I should say that I did learn new things, not just re-learning.
Belinda Meeks – Meeks Real Estate

“Christina is proud to be awarded Telstra Business Awards 2016 Finalist. This recognition is for all those clients who continue to commit to their success through adopting an excuse free culture.”

“Christina has helped me increase my business turnover by 30%. I have been thrilled to have her guidance. She has truly exceeded my expectations. Christina has helped me to find much needed clarity regarding all aspects of my life. I’m feeling healthier and fitter than I have done in years. Christina is a powerhouse, pocket rocket who shows you How To Have It All. I cannot recommend her skills and friendship highly enough. She is so inspiring.”

Dr Sarah Woodbury –

“In October 2014 I attended the CG Leading Women Annual Event at Versace on the Gold Coast. At the time I could not have imagined that attending this event and meeting Christina would have such a profound impact on my life and career. Working with Christina as my mentor for the last 18 months has enriched my life in ways that I did not think possible two years ago. She has an amazing ability to guide, motivate, inspire and encourage and has helped me achieve commercial success, increasing my profit by 100% in the last 12 months, while living a life true to my values.”

Jean Brown –
Jean Brown Properties
“10 years ago, I made a daunting leap of faith to leave the corporate world and pursue a career in real estate. As a single mother, paying a mortgage and putting a daughter through private school, this was not a risk I took lightly. Christina Guidotti had faith I would succeed, invested her time in me and gave me my break into the industry. Using the principles she so thoroughly mentors today, she set the foundations which have helped me reach the top 2% of Real Estate Agent’s Internationally. Christina has always lived by the mantra that people do business with those they like and trust. It was her credibility having been a business owner and highly successful agent as well as integrity in maintaining confidentiality and authenticity in her genuine care for others which sets her apart. Her support is invaluable and as a trusted advisor I continue to invest in her mentoring to keep focussed on finding fulfillment in work, life and leisure.”

Christine Rudolph –
Real Estate Agent