More Mojo

30 days to More mojo

What’s the secret to sustainable success?


Maintaining your MOJO!

Our mojo is that special magic that keeps us moving forward towards sustainable success
and fulfillment and bouncing back after a setback. Sustain your mojo by creating a
healthy combination of work, rest and play driven by a sense of purpose.

Amongst all our hard work it’s important to take some time to feel the joy of our success.
Do you bask in the glory when you accomplish something?
Do you take time to celebrate and reward yourself?
Or is it all work and no play?

Why celebrate?
When it’s all about the work we may have the achievement but without taking a moment to celebrate
we can become stressed and dull — being always focused on the busy. Similarly when it’s all play, we may
have excitement and fun, but without results so we can become drained and in denial about our life.

Knowing that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and all play and no work
makes Jack a drained boy — Jack (and Jill!) need to look after their mojo.

Are you feeling fulfilled?

Maybe it’s just a matter of maintaining your mojo!


It’s about adopting an excuse-free mindset

Christina has adopted a zero tolerance for excuses in her business and life and
encourages others to do the same. She’s seen how making excuses can adversely affect life.
When we make excuses we are saying we are not responsible and someone or something else is.

Most people strive to create a better life and although we know what action needs to be taken,
sometimes we make excuses to avoid making decisions and do what needs to be done.

Do any of these sound familiar?

 I have to wait until…
I just don’t feel like it…
 I’m too tired….
I don’t have the tools to…
It’s not my fault….
It’s not my problem….
I don’t have time…..

Nothing identifies a mediocre person more quickly than excuses.
Successful people strive towards a result without excuses.

When we stop making excuses we start taking responsibility, find more clarity, work more productively – while maintaining our mojo!



This program is for women who are wanting to

  • Commit to finish and create their success masterpiece to turn dreams into reality
  • Reduce stress and overwhelm and become super-productive
  • Finally master the art of looking after yourself – guilt free
  • Get the things done that really matter
  • Adopt an excuse free way of life
  • Hold the vision and have support through the peaks and valleys
  • Reach greater achievement and fulfilment

What to expect from this program

  • Activate your morning routine
  • Create meaningful Value Based Directions
  • Follow your Weekly Plan
  • Hang with True Believers
  • New learning, great support and essential accountability

Your 30 Days To More Mojo Program involves

  • 2 x 30 minute private calls with Christina
  • 4 x Weekly Mojo Guidance and Support Live Webinars (recorded and available offline)
  • Daily inspiration, sharing and accountability with Christina – exclusive Facebook group

Your Investment
$1,100 (incl gst)

This is a unique program for those serious about business and life success!


“Working with Christina has been life changing for me, Christina is full support on my personal and career journey and the changes I have made personally and in my business will stick with me for life. Every woman needs this support network and tools Christina provides, to ensure consistency at work and in life. Believing in myself and having the courage to do what matters has doubled my income all whilst having a baby in the middle of it! Focussing on what’s important and having support from Christina who is completely relatable to everything that happens in life of a woman in business are the reason I will always continue to work with Christina.”

Tara Torkkola
“Christina has helped me increase my business turnover by 30%. I have been thrilled to have her guidance. She has truly exceeded my expectations. Christina has helped me to find much needed clarity regarding all aspects of my life. I’m feeling healthier and fitter than I have done in years. Christina is a powerhouse, pocket rocket who shows you How To Have It All. I cannot recommend her skills and friendship highly enough. She is so inspiring.”

Dr Sarah Woodbury
“In October 2014 I attended the CG Leading Women Annual Event at Versace on the Gold Coast. At the time I could not have imagined that attending this event and meeting Christina would have such a profound impact on my life and career. Working with Christina as my mentor for the last 18 months has enriched my life in ways that I did not think possible two years ago. She has an amazing ability to guide, motivate, inspire and encourage and has helped me achieve commercial success, increasing my profit by 100% in the last 12 months, while living a life true to my values.”

Jean Brown

“The 30 Days to More MOJO Program was so much more than I could ever have imagined! Fun, results driven, engaging & rewarding! Having previously read both of Christina’s books and then I attended my first Leading Women Event, I knew prior to the program starting that it was going to be extremely beneficial for both my work and personal life. For me, the program was a journey of self discovery and transformation. I am now more productive and learning self love which for me is extremely important and something I’ve always struggled with. One of the key takeaways was to live an “excuse free” way of life and with that my mojo is improving every single day. I highly recommend Christina’s MOJO Program to any women who want to improve productivity, wealth & wellbeing.”

Kate Elvery

So what’s next?

Nothing left to do but let Christina be your success mentor!